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AWS AppStream Associate Fleet

Associate a fleet to a stack.

AWS AppStream Create Fleet

Creates a new fleet.

AWS AppStream Create Stack

Create a new stack.

AWS AppStream Create Streaming URL

Creates a URL to start an AppStream 2.

AWS AppStream Delete Fleet

Deletes a fleet.

AWS AppStream Delete Stack

Deletes the stack.

AWS AppStream Describe Fleets

If fleet names are provided, this operation describes the specified fleets; otherwise, all the fleets in the account are described.

AWS AppStream Describe Images

Describes the images.

AWS AppStream Describe Sessions

Describes the streaming sessions for a stack and a fleet.

AWS AppStream Describe Stacks

If stack names are not provided, this operation describes the specified stacks; otherwise, all stacks in the account are described.

AWS AppStream Disassociate Fleet

Disassociates a fleet from a stack.

AWS AppStream Expire Session

This operation immediately stops a streaming session.

AWS AppStream List Associated Fleets

Lists all fleets associated with the stack.

AWS AppStream List Associated Stacks

Lists all stacks to which the specified fleet is associated.

AWS AppStream Start Fleet

Starts a fleet.

AWS AppStream Stop Fleet

Stops a fleet.

AWS AppStream Update Fleet

Updates an existing fleet.

AWS AppStream Update Stack

Updates the specified fields in the stack with the specified name.

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